August 12, 2020

6 Mind Blowing Insect Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Each of us has seen many types of insects. They live around you and can bother you any time anywhere. But what is more interesting; you can find mindblowing facts about them which will change your opinion about these small creatures!

Source: Pexels

1. Insects have conquered the world with their amount. They are more than any animal group.

Have you ever imagined that ants are more than animals and more than a million ants can weigh as much as one human being. 

2. During the full moon, mosquitoes are prone to bite more than any time.

JJ Harrison, GNU
Source: JJ Harrison, GNU

There is no scientific evidence why it is like this but statistics show that you will get bitten more during the full moon. Also, people who sweat more and have poor hygiene, they will get caught by mosquitoes immediately. 

3. Butterflies’ sense of taste is through their feet.                                                                                       

Through their chemical receptors placed in their feet, butterflies taste the flavor of food by feet not mouth. 

4. Earthquakes ”paralyze” moths from flying.                                                                                                                   

To fly moths need balance. An earthquake can hinder that process as they use gyroscopic system to fly.

5. Fireflies can flash their lights on and off.                                                                                                                       

A mixture called luciferin can be found in the bodies of fireflies. They flash for specific reasons. First, to notify their predators that they are not a good choice to be eaten and second, to charm mates. More surprisingly, different types of fireflies can flash differently.

6. Dung beetles move their balls of dung in a Milkey way.                                                                                         

They live in a nasty way, eating their dung, having eggs in it and living in it as to live in a ”house”. They orient themselves to their nests using the Galaxy and move according to the Milkey way stars. 

7. Some bees dance to inform the hive about the food.                                                                                           

When they dance in a round way, it means the food is near. And when the food is far away, they dance like the number eight. That’s the way they communicate. 

8. The abdomen of the ant has two stomachs.                                                                                                                   

The two stomachs have their purpose. One is for storing and digesting the food. The other stomach is for storing food for their queen and other ants. When the stored food is necessary they just throw it up so that other ants can eat it.  

9. Female scorpionflies accept gifts from male scorpionflies for mating.                                             

These female insects have some requirements from their male partners. If the present from them is good enough they will mate. If the gift is not the one they expect, they will just fly. And presents are not flowers and luxurious jewelry, they can be flies, bugs, etc. 

10. Some countries like Japan, China consider crickets as a symbol of luck.                                                   

The reason to think so is the ability of crickets to place hundreds of eggs and to jump quickly. If you see cricket in your house, don’t be frightened, just consider yourself a lucky person.