March 29, 2020

10 Sweet stories of presidents meeting their loved ones

We often associate presidents with glamor and sophistication. But they too have a human side! Marriage is one the life milestones that exemplify their human nature. Here are 10 sweet stories of how selected presidents met their wives: 

When Georgia Met Martha

George Washington met Martha Dandridge Curtis in 1758 when they were both 27 years old. Interestingly, Martha was the wealthier of the two. While George worked as a colonel in the Virginia militia, Martha was a wealthy widow.

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Their courtship was short and the two married in January 1759 in a colorful wedding that took place in Martha’s plantation. The two lived happily as a couple for 41 years.

When Jimmy Met Ann

James Buchanan engaged Ann Coleman in 1819. They encountered a rather controversial dating phase as people speculated that he was only after Ann’s wealth.

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The rumors overwhelmed Ann which lead to the cancellation of their engagement. A month later, Ann died in a suspected case of laudanum poisoning. Buchanan never to remarried.

When Johny Met Louisa

John Quincy Adams and Louisa Catherine Johnson met in 1779 in France. Interestingly, Louisa was only 4 while Johny was 12! In 1795, they met again in London where they began their courtship journey. 

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Controversy arose as his family disapproved their relationship. However, John went against the family’s wish to marry her in 1795. They were married until 1848 when Johny died. 

When Gracie Meet Calvin

Grace Anna Goodhue met Calvin Coolidge in a rather fascinating way. As she was watering flowers in Clarke School for the Deaf, she saw a man shaving his beard across the street.

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Grace found it funny and she laughed loudly which drew the attention of the man. The man was Calvin!

They dated for two years and married in 1905.

When Harry Met Bessie

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Harry Truman and Bess Wallace met in 1890 when they were still children ( 6 and 5 years respectively). They spent most of their school life together. They married in 1919

When Lyndon Met Claudia

They met in 1934, a few weeks after Claudia Taylor graduated from the University of Texas. Lyndon worked as an aid to Richard Kleberg, a Texas congressman.

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Interestingly, Lydon proposed to Claudia on their first breakfast date. She asked for time to think about it but later accepted the proposal.

When Barry Met Michelle 

Barack Obama met Michelle Robinson in 1989 in a law firm in Chicago. Michelle had always wanted to date Barack. 

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She yielded to her desires and proposed a marriage which occured two years later. 

When Georgie Met Laura:

Laura and George were childhood friends. However, it is O’Neills, a close friend, that pushed Laura into dating George in 1975. She was initially stubborn but later agreed to meet him in 1977. They married three months later.

Ronald Reagan Met Nancy

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Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis met in 1949 through a friend. Nancy had won an MGM contract and she requested a friend to introduce him to Reagan who was the president of the Screen Actors Guild. The friend invited the two for dinner which resulted in a marriage.

When Richie Met Pat 

Thelma Pat Ryan met Richard Nixon in 1938 in a theater. Both were members of the Whittier Community Players.

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One day, Nixon cast opposite Ryan and he developed an interest in her. He asked her out and married her 3 years later.